Twitter subpoenas Binance as legal battle with Elon Musk takes a dramatic turn

Twitter has served subpoenas to Ken Griffin, the founder of hedge fund Citadel, and crypto exchange, Binance in a its acquisition tug of war with billionaire Elon Musk.

Citadel reportedly refused to accept the legal papers on Griffin’s behalf.

Twitter also directed a subpoena to Binance among a dozen of Musk’s advisers and potential lenders in the deal.

The subpoenas demand the receivers hand over communication evidence that might support or refute Musk’s suggestion that the social network has under-reported the number of fake or “spam” accounts present on the platform.

Musk had accused Twitter of concealing the actual number of fake/bot accounts.

The first hearing on Twitter’s suit will be held on Oct.17.

The company intends to force Musk into completing the acquisition judicially.