Solana Heist Blamed on Slope Mobile Wallet Bug

There has been an explanation to the attack that saw thousands of Solana users collectively lose about $4.5 million worth of SOL and other tokens.

Solana’s attack is being blamed on a private key exploit tied to mobile software wallet Slope.

The official Solana Status Twitter account shared preliminary findings that “it appears affected addresses were at one point created, imported, or used in Slope mobile wallet applications.”

“While the details of exactly how this occurred are still under investigation, but private key information was inadvertently transmitted to an application monitoring service”,the thread states.

“There is no evidence the Solana protocol or its cryptography was compromised,” the account added.

Slope released its own statement just before the Solana Status thread.

Slope acknowledges that its wallets were included in the hack, but does not specifically detail what happened, nor has the firm taken responsibility for the attacks.

The attackers took an estimated $4.46 million worth of crypto from what the Solana Status account said were about 8,000 unique wallets.

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