Hackers return $9 million to Nomad

“White hat” actors or ethical hackers who safeguarded funds on behalf of Nomad during Monday’s $190 million hack have returned the funds to a wallet address belonging to Nomad.

Nomad had published a wallet address for the recovery of stolen funds.

Data from Etherscan shows almost $9 million in crypto tokens taken during the hack have been returned.

The crypto tokens returned so far include $3.75 million in usd coin (USDC), $2 million in tether (USDT), $1.4 million in covalent query token (CQT), and $1.2 million in frax (FRAX), among others.

Most of these funds have come from known Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain wallet addresses.

Unlike the hackers, these white hat actors took action to try to secure Nomad funds during the attack.

Some of the ethical hackers promised to return the funds once Nomad provided a recovery wallet.

White hat or ethical hackers, often put their hacking skills to use in identifying security vulnerabilities in the digital space.