Ponzi scammers hijacks Peter Obi’s campaign

The Tech Founder of GistHouse, Dr. Ope Banwo, on Wednesday took to his Twitter page to raise alarm after a group of Ponzi Scammers claimed to be Peter Obi’s campaign group demanded the sum of N500k from him to promote the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

Banwo, in a series of tweets revealed how the Scammers made relentless efforts to scam him but he strongly resisted them before calling them out on social media.

See his tweets below,

I did not want to go public with proofs of their demand for N500k but today when the Nat Youth Leader of LP clarified that no group needs to register with any other group, they all went on attack against me for asking for clarification. it’s time to resist the scammers publicly.

Peter Obi became a hot nationally name becos everyone was doing what they can to promote him. Now this Coaltion for Peter Obi is trying to take advantage of that by asking big support groups like mine to register with them & pay N500,000 for the privilege to promote PO. Whaaat?

I told them ‘NEVER!’ becos The PO movement is supposed to change SCAMMY activities like this and I told them I would NOT pay for privilege to use my resources to promote PO . They then said it’s VOLUNTARY. Still they insisted I must attend an INTERVIEW b4 I can be recognized.

To avoid accusations of arrogance, I applied and attended their ‘compulsory’ interview all in the hope they will leave me alone. When I got to the zoom interview, 6 of them claimed they are the custodians of peter obi mandate. I asked for proof of authority but they had none

They also demanded to know who gave me authority to build a mobile app for Peter Obi Nation (my support group). I also asked them who gave them authority to police the Peter Obi brand. They could not show me. I challenge the Coaltion to post the recording of that 80min interview

The issue of the N500k fee came up again & they now said it’s voluntary to recoup their expenses for their 1 million man march. I told them my Org had expenses too but am not asking anyone to reimburse me since its all voluntary.

Though they now claimed d N500k is voluntary they still refused to register us for over 30days. Then they started sponsoring posts to delegitimize us and the app our PO group had created. They denied they were not behind the campaign but
admitted it in a chat tonight

I am not naive and know it’s becos we didn’t pay their voluntary ‘donation’ of N500k
that they decided to blackmail us. They even accused me of being an apc mole who wants to steal data & claimed
built the app though sega didnt even know I was building any app!

Like I said last week, I am all for cooperation among Peter Obi support groups but NO COALITION should try to force any group to join them or try to delegitimize others becos they don’t want to join their coalition. There MUST be mutual respect. This is Afterall all voluntary.

Like I have often repeated, I don’t want anything for supporting
other than good govt by him. So nobody can force me to succumb to any shady coaltion . If they had bothered to check me out they would know I would NOT accept blackmail or injustice no matter what.

I had asked them if PO knew they were collecting N500,000 ‘voluntary’ contribution from groups to be ‘recognized’ by them, but they couldn’t answer. They didn’t even have courage and to put it on their site but come to your inbox to demand it it. It’s disgusting and shameful

Finally, at this point, peace with evil be damned. Even if the COALTION approves our application now,we will decline and dare them to stop our promotion of Peter Obi. We don’t need anything from them and don’t want to sit at their scammy ‘table’ for N500k ‘voluntary’ donation.

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