Crypto Game Studio Immutable Announces New Layoffs

Immutable Games Studio is cutting off multiple employees, including one of its senior game designers, amid a slump in crypto prices.

James Wakeham, a lead designer on Immutable’s crypto game called Gods Unchained, recently stated on Twitter that he “and a bunch of people” were let go and that Wakeham is now looking for a new job.

The layoffs affected 6% of the company’s workforce.

Immutable is the startup behind Immutable X, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution designed for games and NFTs, used by firms including TikTok and GameStop, which recently launched an NFT marketplace.

The CEO and co-founder of Immutable, James Ferguson, told employees the company is still in “a fantastic position,” according to reporting from CNET.

Immutable has made it clear that despite the recent layoffs it has no plans to slow down on hiring new employees, especially when it comes to working on Gods Unchained, or its upcoming action role-playing game Guild of Guardians, under development by Stepico Games.

Immutable has grown to 280 employees from 180 at the start of this year.