Ethereum Name Service Registrations Rise 216% in One Week

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) saw registrations spike over the weekend.

64,000 .eth names were created on Sunday and Monday alone.

In the past week, 108,000 ENS domains were registered.

The 216% increase was revealed in data published by lead ENS developer Nick Johnson.

The increase also brought a notable spike in revenue. On Sunday, the ENS made $684,000—a half a million dollar increase compared to the previous day.

The ENS manages the issuance and renewal of .eth domain names which are built on Ethereum, sold as NFTs, and can be linked to one’s cryptocurrency wallet.

Daily ENS registrations have spiked recently, reaching over 30k new addresses on July 4th.

Secondary sales of ENS domain names on OpenSea have also seen a massive spike, soaring over 300% in the past week.

The ENS is the top-ranked collection on OpenSea in the past week, seeing over 6,900 ETH (roughly $7.9 million) in volume traded.

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