Bitcoin miner CleanSpark sells off nearly all 339 bitcoin it mined in June

Bitcoin miner CleanSpark sold nearly all bitcoin it mined in June.

CleanSpark had increased its production in June by almost 9% compared with the previous month, mining a total of 339 BTC.

CleanSpark brought in roughly $8.4 million from the sale of 328 bitcoin (at an average of $25,644 per BTC).

CleanSpark has been less rigorous about holding on to its mined bitcoin than others in the industry, instead choosing to sell some each month.

It held a total of 561 BTC as of June 30.

The company also said that it is closer to becoming exclusively a bitcoin miner, having exited the switchgear business it was involved in last month.

Per that agreement, CleanSpark was released from all liabilities while still maintaining the right to certain receivable rights and prepaid deposits.

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