Binance’s chief growth officer leaves

Binance’s chief growth officer, Ted Lin, has left the company.

Lin left after working with Binance for almost since its inception.

Lin posted the news on his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles on Saturday.

Lin wants to “spend more time with my young family and be more flexible with my time.”

Lin joined Binance in September 2017, two months after the exchange was formed, as its head of international markets, per his LinkedIn profile.

Lin worked in that role for one year before being promoted to chief growth officer (CGO) in September 2018.

As Binance’s CGO, Lin led the company’s growth, commercial and education initiatives with a mission to grow the Binance ecosystem.

Lin will now take a role as a mentor and angel investor in the crypto space.

Lin’s departure tops Binance’s recent streak of top employees losses.

A month earlier, Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, lost two top executives.

Bill Qian, the head of Binance Labs, and Nicole Zhang, the firm’s executive director, both left the firm in quick succession.

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