Salvatore Ferragamo Opens Ethereum NFT Booth

Luxury fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo has installed an NFT booth in the Soho district of New York City.

At the booth, customers can create and mint their own Ethereum NFTs from a menu of traits.

All of the NFTs created at the Ferragamo booth will be free to visitors, but only 256 can be minted in total.

The brand has partnered with the artist Shxpir to create the traits and visual elements for its NFTs.

Shxpir creates psychedelic, 3D digital art with glitch and surrealist elements, and has also designed a limited-edition capsule collection of physical items for Ferragamo consisting of 200 t-shirts and 150 sweatshirts.

Ferragamo called its NFT booth a “multi-sensory” experience that “blends the worlds of Web3 and in-person retail.”

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