University of Cincinnati Adds Crypto Courses to Its Curriculum

Come the start of the new academic year, crypto will be on the curriculum at the University of Cincinnati.

The university will launch two new programs studying cryptocurrency and new financial technologies.

The programs are a gift from two longtime supporters, Dan Kautz and Woodrow (Woody) Uible, the university said in a press release.

Students at the university will learn “how to manage cryptocurrencies and how such digital assets impact our economy, positioning UC as the regional leader and among the top universities nationally with this kind of program.”

The donation will also see a “public-private” lab space named after the two men at UC’s new Digital Futures building.

Blockchain in higher education
Similar labs already exist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

MIT even had a lecture series on blockchain taught by current SEC chair Gary Gensler, which is available to watch for free online.