Solana’s developers launch web3-focused mobile phone

The team behind Solana has launched of an Android phone and a new subsidiary focused on web3 mobile apps.

At an event in New York City, Solana Labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko unveiled Saga, the new Android phone.

Yakovenko was as an engineer at Qualcomm, where he lead groups that built technology leveraged by the likes of Samsung, LG, and Google.

The Solana team is developing the device to be purpose-built for web3, which spans NFT marketplaces to decentralized trading platforms.

The phone will feature a 6.6-inch display and 512 GB of storage as well as private key security measures built into the device.

Saga is the flagship product of a new subsidiary of Solana Labs, Solana Mobile.

In addition to building out Saga, Solana Mobile will offer developers a toolkit to create mobile-first crypto applications on the Solana blockchain.

Solana is pouring $10 million into a new ecosystem fund to incentive developers to build apps leveraging Solana Mobile Stack.

The device is available for pre-order for a $100 deposit and could cost as much as $1,000. Solana Mobile expects to ship the phone by early 2023.