Ronaldo’s $2 million Bugatti Veyron damaged after crashing into wall

A $2 million Bugatti Veyron car owned by Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was damaged in a crash by his bodyguard.

According to sources, the 37-year-old footballer had shipped his Bugatti Veyron supercar, valued at 1.7 million pounds or $2 million, to his holiday home in Majorca, Spain, as per local reports. The supercar was damaged in the crash on Monday.

At the time of the accident, Cristiano Ronaldo was travelling in another car as part of a small convoy. An employee of the Manchester United striker was driving the Bugatti. The employee, one of Ronaldo’s two bodyguards, seemingly lost control of the car and crashed it into a brick wall, reportedly after taking a corner with too much speed.

Although no one was injured in the accident, the luxury car suffered extensive damage after crashing into the wall in the east coast resort of Sa Coma.

The Mirror reported that Ronaldo’s bodyguard got out of the Bugatti after the crash and continued on the journey, leaving other employees to deal with the police. Spanish police have confirmed that Ronaldo was not behind the wheel at the time of the crash.

A source with knowledge of the incident said: “The car smashed into a wall but there was only material damage with no-one injured and the driver accepted full responsibility for what happened.

“The information about who was behind the wheel and what occurred is registered on a police database and is there for a court or officers to access if any further investigations need to be conducted.

The Portuguese football star is in Majorca with his five children and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, where the family is reportedly renting a luxury villa and spending their days out on Ronaldo’s superyacht.

Along with the Bugatti Veyron, he also shipped a Mercedes-Benz G-Class to the Spanish island for the vacation. These cars are part of the footballer’s famed collection, which also includes a Lamborghini