Cubana Club Shooting: Married woman who was accosted by Burnaboy speaks up

The married woman, who was reportedly accosted by popular Nigerian singer, Burnaboy at the Cubana club shooting in Lagos has finally opened up.

The woman revealed that she and her company which included her partner and some of their friends came from America and London, to Nigeria for a wedding of her childhood friend on June 8 .

Around 3am, she, her partner and their friends numbering twenty, went to Cubana club in Lagos to celebrate the newly wedded couple. As they were there Burnaboy came in with some of his guys.

They were at the VIP session of the club, so Burnaboy sent one of his friends to her that he wanted to speak with her. She refused, saying she doesn’t want to talk with him. The guy kept coming for three consecutive times but she refused the patronage.

During the process there was exchanged of words and one of Burnaboy’s friends att@cked one of their friends, so the Cubana club security operatives broke him to settle the issue.

Not long after, another fight broke with Burnaboy’s friends, after they took a nod from him, began to sh#t with her partner and his friend sustaining bull#t wound so much that they needed blood when they got to the hospital.

She has been traumatized by the whole incidence, as she was almost injured by Burnaboy’s friends who came to talk to her but for the timely intervention of a friend.

Four days after the incidence, the Obi Cubana reached out to her that he was not aware of what happened and that he would do something about it. Eleven days after nothing has been done.