Microsoft launches Viva Sales to eat into Salesforce’s revenue

Microsoft Corp has unveiled its latest sales program, Viva Sales.

Viva Sales is a program meant to connect Microsoft’s Office and video conferencing programs with customer-relationship management software.

The step could help Microsoft garner revenue from Salesforce Inc. clients.

The program will be available to preview next month.

Viva Sales lets users of customer management programs synchronize information between those products and Microsoft’s Outlook address books and calendars or Teams conferencing and chat.

Viva Sales also uses artificial intelligence tools to scan calls and interactions with clients, analyzing customer sentiment to see what actions and marketing material are working well, and provide feedback to the sales representative.

Salesforce is also adding artificial intelligence capabilities to its programs and last year acquired business chat app Slack to integrate with its offerings.

The program lets sales reps mark certain contacts as customers in their Outlook contact list, which will enable interactions to be synced with their customer-management program.

Viva Sales connects with calendars, sees when customer meetings are coming up and shows the user which of their other contacts or LinkedIn connections are related to the customer.

While initially Viva Sales will work automatically with Dynamics and Salesforce, the program includes the ability to manually connect data to other programs.