BREAKING: Former Senate President, Ken Nnamani pulls out of APC presidential primary

A former Senate President of Nigeria, Ken Nnamani has pulled out of the impending APC presidential primary elections.

In a statement he issued to announce his withdrawal, he said:

“My faith in entering the race is that I will have the opportunity to present my credentials, achievements and ideas for the future of Nigeria. I had anticipated that the NWC would be more definite with plans and completed the screening on time to allow for meaningful consultations and campaigns. But that opportunity never came. The schedules were uncertain even until a few days before primary,” he said.


“In the present circumstances, it does not make any sense for me to continue in the race as I have not had the opportunity to market my profile and ideas to the delegates of our party in a manner that allow for deliberation and introspection.

“Therefore, I discontinue my aspiration and wish the party successful primary and unity of purpose so that we can win the 2023 general elections.

“I will continue to engage with the party and its leadership to make sure that the ideas and values that I cherish and propagate find strong footing in the party administration and in public leadership after election.”

While commending APC northern governors for backing power shift to the south, Nnamani said recent events have shown that zoning the office of president to the south-east has been jettisoned.

“The events of recent days created the impression that zoning had been jettisoned in the APC,” the former senate president said.

“The vacillation of party leaders regarding zoning of the APC presidential ticket has not created clarity in the party and injures the confidence and faith of many in the south, particularly the south-east, in the party.

“It has the implication of suggesting to many in the party, including myself, that the party will allow conveniences of the moment to override foundational issues of justice and fairness.”


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