Actress, Zainab Bakare breaks down in tears as she loses all her savings

Nollywood actress, Zainab Bakare who lost all her life savings has taken to her Instagram page to lament over the huge loss.

She asked where her bank expect her to start from since they stated that they don’t have solutions to remedy the unfortunate situation.

She revealed that her bank told her to arrest people as the POS machine used is not traceable.

“Gtbank the whole money in my account is gone o. Where do you guys expect me to start from o. No solution they said in the bank, I should go arrest people, how pls how? GTCO PLc come and attend to this o. Come o ko funny o”.

“My Almighty Gtbank said the POS machine used is not traceable I should go arrest people around me! I’m finished like this! As much as I hate social media drama. There are just somethings one can over look when people start dragging me online to ask for their money, people who claim to love you will be in one corner laughing but before then GTCO Plc] please I have visited the bank and they said my money is not traceable, I should wait for 10 – 30 working days please how am I sure there would be a solution afterwards??”.

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