eBay Drops First NFT Collection on Polygon

eBay has launched its first-ever NFT collection in collaboration with the green NFT marketplace, OneOf.

eBay has towed the line of Meta, Twitter, Adidas, Visa, and a host of other multinational companies.

The global e-commerce giant announced in a press release that it had launched its first NFT collection via a strategic partnership with the multi-chain NFT marketplace OneOf.

The collection, dubbed “Genesis,” will feature animated 3D renditions of iconic athletes featured in one of the U.S.’s most popular sports magazines, Sports Illustrated.

Unlike most other NFTs, which are typically sold in exchange for other cryptocurrencies—usually Ethereum—the Genesis NFTs auctioned off on eBay are sold for U.S. dollars.

Furthermore, the sales are not conducted on-chain but rather on eBay’s Web2 platform, and the assets will be delivered to their respective buyers via a redemption link sent through chat and email.