Hong Kong ponders blocking Telegram

A Bloomberg News report culled from the Sing Tao Daily has it that Hong Kong authorities are considering blocking public access to the messaging service Telegram.

According to the report, the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data has found Telegram to be rampant with doxxing and is considering invoking regulations.

Doxxing refers to the online exposure of sensitive and personal data.

The widespread doxxing was aimed at government officials as well as citizens, Sing Tao Daily reported.

Bloomberg thinks that blocking Telegram will likely stoke fears that national security legislation enacted in 2020 will further encroach on civil liberties, as part of a continuing effort by Beijing to exert its influence over the city.

It’s unclear how the privacy watchdog intends to carry out such an action. The authorities may choose to fully block public access, or eradicate the app from the city’s stores, Sing Tao Daily reported.

Officials will consider public views before taking a decision, Sing Tao Daily.

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