Birmingham: Outrage As Group of Four Older Girls Reportedly Beat A Girl to Point of Death

A girl in Birmingham was reportedly beaten and robbed to the point of nearly becoming brain dead, by a group of 4 older girls who are all very well known.

The incident was reported by a Twitter user identified as @asmaalfq, she announced that a petition has already been created, calling on all concerned individuals to sign it to bring the girl Justice.

See her tweet, “If you have any spare time please sign the petition below, as well as sharing the instagram to bring the girl justice. It is one of the most violent and disgusting attacks I’ve ever seen.

Thank you to everyone that has shared and supported Safa! It means a lot, hopefully we can all get her the justice that she deserves. 

Reacting to the dastardly act, the Birmingham @BrumPolice on Twitter promised to get to the root of the matter.

See their statement below, 

Our investigation has been going on for some time, and four people have already been arrested.

However, the lady @asmaalfq who reported the incident on Twitter claimed that the Police after interviewing the 4 girls the police have made no arrests.

See her post below,

“it remains an ongoing case despite the amount of proof and videos that accumulated throughout the last few months. So they’re doing nothing basically !