North Korea pay two South Koreans in Bitcoin to spy


Two South Korean citizens have been arrested for allegedly passing military secrets to a North Korean hacker.

One is a businessman running a crypto asset management firm and the other is a serving captain of the South Korea’s army.

In exchange for passing on the sensitive information, the individuals were allegedly paid in bitcoin worth $600,000 and $37,789, respectively.

South Korean law enforcement stated that the arrest was the first time a civilian and an active-duty military captain have been caught spying for North Korea.

With respect to the captain, whose name has not been identified, the country’s authorities said the individual had passed information used for logging into South Korea’s Joint Command and Control System to an alleged North Korean spy.

The cryptocurrency exchange operator, on the other hand, is accused of giving a spying device to the military captain. The operator did this at the behest of the North Korean spy.

The two men have been arrested on charges of violating the national security law.