Twitter kicks out Aave’s founder for allegedly spreading FUD

The founder of Aave has been banned from Twitter.

Stani Kulechov, the head Aave, a leading DeFi Platform that allows users to borrow cryptocurrencies, seemingly spread FUD with his recent tweets.

The move was allegedly made to cut down on “FUD”

The tweet, made on the 17th of April, which can no longer be accessed, as Mr. Kulechov’s account has now been suspended reads : “Breaking : Joining Twitter as interim CEO.”

Not only did Kulechov pin the tweet, he also made a follow-up tweet, expressing gratitude towards Elon Musk, the current CEO of Twitter. It reads :
“Thank you @elonmusk for the opportunity to work at Twitter. My first agenda is the roadmap for 90 days : Ship edit button by next week, -Open-source the Twitter algorithms, -Add support for Ethereum & ENS, -Integrate with @LensProtocol”

Kulechov’s account was later suspended, and the move has since been associated with Elon Musk’s plans to cut down on misinformation.

Although Musk has maintained that allowing free speech on Twitter is a significant part of his goal, misinformation isn’t. 

Upon becoming the CEO of Twitter, after recently purchasing the platform, Elon Musk had been bombarded with different demands from the cryptocurrency community, some of which included adding the Dogecoin to the Twitter logo.

While Musk is yet to respond to the many requests, it is worth noting that Dogecoin itself has benefited greatly from the ongoing event.

The asset rallied 20% on the 25th of April, after reports of Twitter considering Musk’s deal surfaced. Although at press time, Dogecoin is down over 2%, its weekly losses have cleared up.

Aave on the other hand, which some market players believed could have benefited from its CEO’s tweet is currently trading in green. Prices are seated at $173.32 at press time. 


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