Bitrefill launches service that lets U.S users pay bills with Bitcoin

U.S. citizens can now pay their bills and taxes with bitcoin with Bitrefill’s new Bill Payments service.

Bitrefill users will start using the service to pay their credit card bills, utilities, healthcare, mortgage payments and 20,000 other types of bills with bitcoin.

Bitrefill said its Bill Payment service has been growing between 100% and 200% per month since.

Users will be granted access to the offering in the company’s mobile apps for iOS and Android in a first come, first served basis as it lays the groundwork for inviting new customers at the fastest pace they can.

Customers will be able to pay multiple bills with only one bitcoin payments as Bitrefill will allow adding multiple bills to the platform’s “cart” before checkout.

Bitrefill will charge a 2% convenience fee on the total bill paid to cover the cost of paying and processing each bill payment as those are not discounted by the provider or payee, the company says in the offering’s web page.


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