Which Betting Site Can I Fund With Airtime?

Many Nigerians and others throughout Africa are using Airtel Airtime to fund their online sports betting accounts. It’s a well-known payment method in Africa and South Asia. Making sports bets with it is much easier, and many popular sportsbooks on Takebet Nigeria offer it. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how the Airtime payment method works and how it allows bettors to instantly top-up their balances in sportsbooks. 

What is Airtime in Nigeria?

Airtime is one of the largest telecommunications companies in India, but its Airtel payment system began only in 2017. It already has more than 40 million subscribers and operates in 18 countries, including Nigeria. 

It’s an instant deposit method with zero fees, and it works with the help of the My Airtel app. It’s effectively an electronic money service that doesn’t require a bank account to operate. You can use it freely on your phone, and you only need to be 18 years old. 

How to Create and Activate an Airtel Airtime Account?

To start using Airtel Airtime, you first have to create an account. To do that, you need to get an Airtel sim card if you don’t already have one. Many shops and resellers in Nigeria have it, so that should be easy to complete. 

However, to register an account, you will have to have a copy of your identity card, but the registration will be entirely free. 

You’ll have to buy a voucher, though, if you want to top up the account once it’s ready. 

When the registration process is complete, you will get a confirmation SMS instantly. Once that’s done, you can install the Airtel Money app, and with all the correct information, you’ll be able to activate it instantly. You’ll also get to set up a PIN, so make sure you remember it. 

And that’s about it. Once the account is ready and you have money in it, you can use it on sports betting sites that support Airtel transactions and payments. 

How to Check Your Airtime Account Balance?

You can check your balance through the official app you need to use to make deposits at sportsbooks. An alternative method if you don’t have data now is to dial *123#, and you’ll get the information you need. The service is entirely free. 

How to Top Up Your Airtime Account?

You can always top up the account whenever you start running low on funds. You’ll only need cash for that, and you’ll have to visit an Airtel shop to deposit the money. The agent at the shop will make the deposit for you, and you’ll instantly get an SMS confirming the payment. And that’s it. 

You can simply buy a scratch card from that vendor and activate the funds on your own if you don’t want to do it immediately. The card has a hidden 16-digit code you need to scratch to view. Then just dial *126*[16-digit code]#, and the money will appear in your Airtel account. 

Alternatively, you can connect your Airtel account to your bank account and top it up whenever you want to through your phone. 

Top List of Betting Sites That Accept Airtime

Plenty of betting sites support Airtime, and you can use any of those, especially the sportsbooks offered on Takebet Nigeria. 

However, if you want to choose one on your own, you have to be careful. As many sports betting sites support this payment option, you need to be sure that the one you find is good. Many of the available ones are downright bad, so you have to look for features that point toward a great online betting site. 

First of all, make sure you check the reputation of the site. If most sports bettors in Nigeria like to use it for placing bets, then it must be good. 

However, that’s not all. You should check that the bookmaker offers competitive odds and many betting options. The more markets it has and the more sporting events it covers, the better. On top of that, you want the sportsbook to offer a wide range of promotions like an excellent welcome bonus, a free bet bonus, and more. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Airtime

Now let’s take a quick look at the main pros and cons of using Airtel Airtime. They should help you decide if this is the right payment method for your needs.


  • Easy-to-use app
  • No fees
  • Instant payments
  • Incredibly safe to use
  • You can make both deposits and withdrawals
  • No need to use a bank account or cards
  • Widely used on online betting sites


  • Not as common as other electronic payment systems
  • Some major betting sites don’t accept it

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