Nancy Isime denies affair with married UK businessman

Nigerian actress and TV host, Nancy Isime, has dismissed rumours of a romance with a married UK-based businessman.

According to an online blogger, Gistlover,  the actress was romantically involved with Michael Dion-Goli, the CEO of UK Dion Group.

Tagging her a prostitute, the blog also claimed Isime was responsible for wrecking the man’s marriage.

Responding to the allegation in the blog’s comment section, Isime maintained that Dion-Goli was the owner of the company, UK Dion, which sponsored her The Nancy Isime Show Season Three.

The multi-award-winning actress also took to her Instagram stories where she stated that women aiming high, especially in the Nigerian entertainment industry will “automatically” earn names such as “Ashawo, olosho (prostitute)”

“Nigerian woman with plans to be successful, please add these names to your plans so it doesn’t surprise you when it happens ‘Ashawo, Olosho’. Especially if you decide to be an actress, it’s an automatic naming ceremony if you like, be a Virgin!

“I knew the breaking news was coming, there’s been too much positive news about me online, not everybody likes that, once your name drives traffic the propaganda begins with or without evidence. But listen, I refuse to be bullied by patriarchy,” she wrote on Tuesday.

The actress further challenged the blogger to produce “concrete proof” of the said affair.

“Like I said, since we cannot sue a faceless account, we at least deserve concrete proof of the allegations laid. Dig it up let’s see, don’t just resort to calling names and try to bully me into silence,” she wrote.

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