Apple and WiLAN end patent feud, sign patent licensing agreement

WiLAN Inc has signed a patent license agreement with Apple Inc and settled all pending litigations.

Weeks earlier, the iPhone maker won a patent dispute over wireless technology with WiLAN.

In February, Apple got a U.S. appeals court to dismiss a jury’s $85 million award to Canadian patent-licensing company WiLAN following a 2020 retrial.

Apple had asked the Federal Circuit to throw out the award on several grounds, including problems with WiLAN expert’s testimony.

Apple sued WiLAN in 2014, seeking a ruling that it did not infringe patents related to allocating bandwidth in a wireless network.

WiLAN claimed that iPhone 5 and 6 models infringed its patents by using the LTE wireless standard.

WiLAN’s primary business is acquiring ownership of intellectual property and then charging fees to companies that make use of it.


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