It’s challenging switching from TV acting to movies –Seun Osigbesan

Nollywood actress, Seun Osigbesan, became popular after playing the role of Jennifer, in the popular TV series, The Johnsons.

In an interview with newsmen, she stated that it could be quite hard to switch from acting in TV shows to movies. She said,

“Yes, it is hard for actors who started out as TV actors to switch to movies because most people find it hard to see them beyond the characters they have played over the years. However, such actors only need extra efforts to prove themselves ‘movie-worthy’.”

Osigbesan also admitted that acting in The Johnsons was a defining moment for her career. She said, “Acting as ‘Jennifer’ was a defining moment in my career because it ‘launched’ me to the world. Because of that (show), I have fans all over Africa. It is indeed a good feeling.”

Sharing her thoughts on the notion that marriage and motherhood slow down the career of some women, the actress said, “It appears motherhood slows down the careers of women because of the huge responsibility (that comes with it). However, that does not apply to all women. Some women have the ability to multi-task while some cannot. One should just do what works for one, and not compare one’s life with that of anyone else.

“Stop feeling bad by thinking things are working faster for those that are doing all (career and motherhood) at the same time. People have different timing and destinies.

“Some people might feel I would have gone farther in my career if not for marriage and motherhood, but I don’t feel like my progress is slow. I believe I’m on the right lane and that is all that matters.”

On if being a wife and mother limit the kinds of roles she can play, Osigbesan said, “I am not limited because I am a wife and mother. Shooting my own film was a bold step for me. It had always been my dream to be a filmmaker, even before I started acting. I am going to take more bold steps in the course of my career as a filmmaker.”

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