Blue Origin delays its next space launch

Jeff Bezos’ space tourism company Blue Origin has postponed until March 29 a flight initially set for next week.

In another development, Blue Origin also said that “Saturday Night Live” comic Pete Davidson will not be a passenger on the launch.

The company gave no immediate explanation for the change or Davidson’s withdrawal from the manifest of Blue Origin’s fourth commercial flight since last summer.

Davidson, 28, the boyfriend of reality TV star and socialite Kim Kardashian, had just been officially named on Monday as Blue Origin’s “honorary guest” to join five paying customers on the flight initially set for March 23.

Blue Origin said it would announce the sixth crew member “in the coming days.”

The five previously revealed are angel investor Marty Allen; real estate veteran Marc Hagle and his wife Sharon Hagle; University of North Carolina professor Jim Kitchen and George Nield, founder-president of Commercial Space Technologies.

Like the first three groups of Blue Origin passengers, they will ride to the edge on a six-story-tall, fully autonomous spacecraft called the New Shepard, which will lift off from Blue Origin’s launch site near the rural west Texas town of Van Horn.

The suborbital joyride, lasting about 10 minutes from liftoff to touchdown, will ascend to about 350,000 feet (106 km), treating passengers to a few moments of weightlessness, before a descent back to Earth for a parachute landing.

Bezos, the billionaire founder of online retail giant Amazon tagged along himself on Blue Origin’s inaugural crewed flight to space last July.

He accompanied his brother, Mark Bezos, trailblazing octogenarian female aviator Wally Funk and an 18-year-old Dutch high school graduate.


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