“I’ve nothing to gain from dating men of my age” – Actress Kafui Danku

Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku, has tackled those criticizing her decision to settle down with her older Canadian husband.

The filmmaker has been married to her Canadian husband, who is 30 years older than her, for 13 years, and their marriage has been blessed with two wonderful kids, Baby Lorde and Titan.

Speaking in an interview on GTV’s Breakfast show with Kafui Dey, Kafui Danku dismissed reports made by some critics on social media that she purposely married an older man for his wealth and not out of love, as she claims.

The mother of two stated that she had dated men who are of her age in the past but in most cases nothing substantial came out of it, hence her decision to settle with Kojo Pitcher, her husband.

Kafui described her marriage with Kojo Pitcher as a blessing even though people claim she only married him because of his wealth. She added that these unflattering comments about her marriage doesn’t get to her because of how she was raised.

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