Apple to launch new low-cost 5G iPhone at its annual spring event

A Reuters reports that quoted analysts has it that Apple Inc will likely announce a new low-cost version of its iPhone SE with 5G capabilities at its annual spring product launch event on Tuesday.

Apple is also expected to launch a new version of the iPad Air and a high-end Mac Mini at the event.

Apple’s iPhone SE is currently priced at $399.

The new phone would be the first update to the iPhone SE model in two years and is rumored to come with an improved camera and a faster processor.

Apple usually hosts three events every year to launch new products, starting in spring and announcing the launch of its latest iPhone range just before the holiday shopping season.

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Apple said on March 1 it has paused all product sales in Russia.

The company also said it has stopped all exports into its sales channels in the country and limited Apple Pay and other services in Russia.


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