Surging sales drags Aston Martin 2021 loss lower

Aston Martin narrowed its annual loss in 2021 as sales surged.

Aston Martin expects further improvements this year as it launches new models and plans to raise prices across its model lineup.

The British carmaker said it expects to see sales rise again in 2022 despite ongoing global supply chain disruptions.

Aston Martin plans to launch its first fully-electric vehicle in 2025 and that as of 2026 all new car lines will have an electric option.

Aston Martin said that it has started incorporating technology from shareholder Mercedes-Benz which increased its stake in the struggling carmaker in 2020, but added there are “currently no plans to issue additional shares” to the German carmaker until early 2023.

Aston Martin reported an operating loss of 76.5 million pounds ($104 million) for 2021, versus 323 million pounds the previous year, as sales jumped 82% to nearly 6,200 units.


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