Bad Actors’ move $383 million worth of Bitcoin from 2016 Bitfinex hack

Whale Alert, a Twitter account, has it that a hacking group dubbed ‘bad actors’ has move large amounts of bitcoin stolen from the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex six years ago.

‘Bad actors’ transferred 10,000 bitcoins worth more than $383 million to an unknown wallet during Asian hours.

The number of bitcoin transferred amounted to 8% of the total 119,756 BTC drained from Bitfinex in 2016.


CoinDesk recalls that hackers last moved the stolen bitcoin in April 2021.

Hackers transferred over $700 million worth of coins to unknown wallets during the bull frenzy of April 2021.

As noted in April last year, most of the bitcoin associated with the Bitfinex hack is widely tracked and blacklisted. Thus, hackers will have a tough time cashing out on prominent centralized exchanges.

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