White House Competition Council to meet for the second time on Monday

A Reuters reports that quoted federal agencies has it that the White House is set to hold the second meeting of its Competition Council on Monday.

President Joe Biden would meet on Monday “with members of his administration on efforts to lower prices for working families”, Reuters reports.

In July, Biden signed an executive order to promote more competition in the U.S. economy.

The order stipulated a crack down on anti-competitive practices in sectors from agriculture to drugs and labor.

That order created the council, which held its first meeting in September.

The council is chaired by the head of the White House National Economic Council and includes a number of cabinet agencies including the Justice, Transportation, Commerce and Agriculture departments as well as the chairs of the Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Communications Commission, Reuters reports.

The Council has paddled anti-competitive waters with its best oars so far.

Last week, U.S. antitrust enforcers announced plans to rewrite merger guidelines in order to better fight illegal deals.

The second council meeting would also come as Congress scrutinizes technology companies.

Last week, a Senate committee approved a bill that would bar tech giants from giving preference to their own businesses on their websites.


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