Google to exclude Showcase from general searches in Germany

Google has offered to remove Google News Showcase content from general search results in Germany.

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office said Google is trying to end a competition inquiry.

Google launched Google News Showcase in 2020. The platform promotes content from more than 1,000 publishers that have agreed to license content for a fee.

Germany’s Cartel Office started investigating Google’s Showcase product under new powers to regulate internet companies in June.

The Cartel Office is concerned that Google’s dealmaking power could lead to some news providers being squeezed out of the market, and that including Showcase results into its general search engine could give it an unfair advantage over competitors.

The German Cartel Office said in a statement that Google has now given assurances that access to Showcase was based on objective criteria.

Google said it was working closely with the Cartel Office to find the right approach as efficiently as possible.