Google Maps beats Uber to become 2021’s most downloaded travel app

Google Maps has toppled Uber as the most-downloaded travel app in the world in 2021.

Google Maps edged Uber’s 94 million downloads with its 106 million downloads.

While navigation and ridesharing apps aren’t “travel,” but they certainly bleed into the category.

Download statistics aren’t purely a function of popularity; they also reflect how much marketing resources companies devote to attracting these installs.

Google Chief Business Officer said Google Maps is way more than a navigation app and last year it introduced “easier ways for businesses to show the local services they offer, from hair extensions to auto repair.”

Online travel agency (3), based in Europe, and short-term rental giant Airbnb (5), headquartered in the U.S., were the only two pure-play travel apps to make it into the list of top 10 travel apps by downloads globally in 2021.

Of the top 10 most-downloaded online travel agency apps around the world, Expedia Group accounted for four of them, namely Expedia (4), Vrbo (6), Trivago (7), and (tied for 8).

Oyo, the India-based hotel-booking site and operator, broke into the top most-downloaded online travel agency apps around the world in 2021, tying in the eighth position with 12 million downloads.

10 Most-Downloaded Travel Apps Globally 2021

1. Google Maps (106M)

2. Uber (94M)

3. (63M)

4. Google Earth (57M)

5. Airbnb (44M)

6. Didi (27M)

7. Bolt (25M)

8. Lyft (23.3M)

9. Where Is My Train (23.1M)

10. Grab (23M)


10 Most-Downloaded Online Travel Agency Apps Globally 2021

1. (63M)

2. Airbnb (44M)

3. Hopper (19M)

4. Expedia (15M)

5. Agoda (14M)

6. Vrbo (13.4M)

7. Trivago (13M)

8. (12M)

8. Oyo (12M)

9. Tripadvisor (9.7M)