Trade court hands Sonos win over Google in patent feud

A trade court has ruled that Google infringed on five patents held by speaker manufacturer Sonos Inc.

As such, Google is barred from importing a number of Sonos’ products.

The banned products include products that Google makes in China, including Google Home smart speakers, Pixel phones and computers, and the Chromecast streaming video device.

The final ruling by the United States International Trade Commission ends a two-year investigation into the intellectual-property dispute brought by Sonos.

The ban is set to take effect in 60 days but is subject to a review by President Joe Biden.

Sonos pioneered home speakers that can stream music or podcasts from smartphones and that can be wirelessly networked together to play songs in different rooms.

Sonos started out working with Google in 2013, but that relationship soured when Google started introducing its own speakers and streaming devices.

In addition to the dispute ruled on Thursday, Sonos has two patent infringement lawsuits pending against Google in federal court.