Volvo taps Luminar’s sensor to launch self-driving feature in California

Volvo and self-driving sensor maker Luminar Technologies are launching a hands-free driving system called “Ride Pilot.”

Ride Pilot will be first released in California.

Ride Pilot will allow cars to fully take driving tasks.

Volvo is planning to deploy Ride Pilot in its forthcoming all-electric SUV.

Volvo plans to offer Ride Pilot as a subscription upgrade to customers after vehicles have already hit the road.

Ride Pilot will not be turned on for customers until it has undergone a “rigorous verification and testing protocol” that includes “validation of the technology as safe for use on highways in a number of varying conditions”, Reuters quotes Volvo.

Luminar will provide a lidar sensor, a key part of the system that helps the car gain a three-dimensional map of the road.