Investors protest at China Evergrande’s office, demands refund

China Evergrande

China Evergrande’s investors in protested outside the company’s offices in Guangzhou on Tuesday, Reuters reports.

The investors are worried that their returns would be sacrificed to float real estate projects.

Reuters reports that members of the crowd of roughly 100 people shouted “Evergrande, return our money!”.

On Friday, Evergrande announced a dial-back of plans to repay investors in its wealth management products.

Evergrande announced that each could expect 8,000 yuan ($1,256) per month in principal payment for three months starting in January, irrespective of when their investment matures.

About 60 of those protesting had been contained by security personnel, Reuters reports.

Protesters and members of messaging groups of people owed money by Evergrande have said they had been told by police not to cause trouble, and had seen their chat groups blocked.