Apple grounds Foxconn’s India plant after protests

Apple has placed Foxconn’s southern Indian factory on probation.

The probation comes after Apple and Foxconn found that some worker dormitories and dining rooms did not meet required standards, Reuters reports.

While Apple did not explain what ‘probation’ meant, it be could be that the factory would not be awarded new business until the probation expires as Apple did with Wistron plant last year.

The latest action follows protests that erupted this month after more than 250 women who work at the Foxconn plant and live in one of the dormitories were treated for food poisoning.

Apple through a spokesperson, said it had dispatched independent auditors to assess conditions at the dormitories “following recent concerns about food safety and accommodation conditions at Foxconn Sriperumbudur.”

Apple said it had found that some of the dormitory accommodations and dining rooms, which were not on the factory’s premises, did not meet its requirements and that it was working with the supplier to ensure a comprehensive set of corrective actions, adding that it will ensure its strict standards are met before the facility reopens.


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