Stop letting sex start a relationship – Rapper, Erigga

Nigerian singer, Erhiga Agarivbie, popularly known as Erigga, has advised that sex should not be the basis of a relationship.

In his recent tweet, the rapper, who is well known for dishing out relationship advice on Twitter, advised people to stop letting sex start their relationships.

“Stop letting sex start a relationship,” he tweeted.

His post, however, generated mixed reactions on Twitter. While some agreed with his advise, others countered his opinions.

Reacting to Erigga’s post, an Instagram user @hrh.e.r wrote, “That’s the truth, some of you can’t even communicate with your acclaimed boyfriend, if it’s not sex then there’s nothing tangible to discuss👎🏼👎🏼”.

@the_omokehinde, “It used to be relationship before sex.. now it’s sex.. then you consider a relationship.. All of us don mad finish.”

@9janewsgist, “Live your life and leave others to live theirs the way they like..”

@manlykbobby_, “If you like make sex lead you to relationship 🙃 or make love lead you to relationship 🙃 head wey go chop breakfast go chop ham … carry your motivation go ur family house jarey”.


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