The UK emerges the second most crypto aware country in Europe

New data from Coinbase show that Brits hold the second highest level of cryptocurrency awareness in Europe.

Two thirds (66%) of UK adults are familiar with crypto, in second place behind Spain where 80% of consumers are familiar with digital currencies, according to a survey of 8,000 consumers across Europe, including 1,300 in the UK.

In third place was the Netherlands where 64% of people have cryptocurrency awareness, followed by Germany (60%), Italy (58%) and France (56%).

Digital currencies have become part of mainstream conversation with nearly half (47%), on average, of consumers surveyed across the six largest European economies have at some point spoken to friends or family about cryptocurrency.

Almost a third (29%) of UK consumers who are familiar with crypto either own, or have owned cryptocurrencies in the past — the highest rate in Europe.

The Netherlands has the second highest rate of crypto ownership, at 38%, followed by Spain, at 46%.


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