SBI Media Emerges Nigeria’s Fastest Growing and the Largest Independent Media Agency

SBI Media Marketing Edge Awards 1

SBI Media has been named Nigeria’s fastest-growing agency for a second consecutive time by the worlds’ only independent publisher of agency notation reports on a global scale, RECMA, in its 2021 reports.

In the latest report, SBI Media grew by 25% between 2019 versus 2020.

The scale of the growth rate becomes more glaring when compared with the 14% growth rate which is the highest earned by the second most performing agency when using the same metric.

Apart from achieving this feat in the middle of a pandemic and despite not aligning with any legacy network, the report also shows that SBI Media is the largest independent media agency in Nigeria and by extension the West African region.

The group now holds the position of the fifth largest media agency group in the region.

Commenting on RECMA’s latest ranking, Rotimi Bankole, Group Managing Director of SBI Media Group said: “The latest ranking is a worthy recognition of the group’s cohesive vision and teamwork. We will use this as fuel to lead the African market and deliver for our clients and partners beyond the continent.” 

He added that “The latest ranking is dedicated to our client, partners and more importantly, the amazing men and women who work in the group across the world. They made this possible and I believe we can achieve more together.”

RECMA’s latest ranking further buttresses SBI Media Group’s strategy of integrated execution and innovative track record.

In the last nine years, SBI Media Group has grown from a startup into one of the most unique marketing communications groups with subsidiaries such as Streams Media, Zenilla Media, Alexander and Hamilton Media and Djix Digital.