Facebook to start charging users of its Marketplace in the UK


Facebook would start charging UK sellers who use its popular Marketplace a 2% commission if they opt to post items to customers via the platform.

Last month, Facebook launched a delivery service that allows sellers to directly post items to buyers using Facebook’s delivery partner rather than relying on face-to-face collections.

While it is currently free for sellers to use, MoneySavingExpert says it will carry a fee from the beginning of next year.

The 2% charge, which does not come into effect until January 2022, will be based on the total cost of the item, as set by the seller, plus the delivery charge as calculated by Hermes.

An item selling for £20 with £5 shipping will cost the seller 50p.

Facebook says the fee will help to cover the cost of customer support and purchase protection. Sellers will still be able to avoid this charge when it comes in by continuing to use Facebook’s collection-only option, it says.


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