Project Fame ex-contestant Marvelous returns to making music

After a long pause from the music scene, Project Fame’s former contestant, Marvelous Odiete, has announced that he is back to making music.

Marvelous also hinted that he will be releasing a gospel album soon.

Recall that Marvelous was one of the viewers’ favourite in season five, the star singer said he has been off the music radar to focus on family and business.

“First of all, after the show, I reconnected with my wife and after that business came, we were focused on our business and family. I just felt I needed some time off which I took after which I wasn’t feeling motivated to sing anymore”, he said during a chat.

“To me I just felt I’ve had enough of music although I said I never left but I just decide I had enough traveling all over the world meeting people doing business and expanding in what we were doing but somewhere along the line I think it became an attack because music did not interest me anymore I didn’t even want to hear myself sing, I didn’t want to hear any of my material but thank God for my wife and some other people who kept praying for me”.

Returning on the scene as a gospel artist and a record label owner, Marvelous recently released a new single ‘I’m not alone.’

Speaking on his upcoming album, he said “aside from that we’ve been working and recording by God’s grace before the end of next year’s first quarter, the full gospel album should be out.”

Marvelous further disclosed why he chose to do gospel music.

“I grew up in church, my dad is a bishop and I’ve always loved the gospel genre of music, and that even prepared me for project fame. Most of the things I was doing there I’ve been doing that in a church way back since I was 12. I just felt I needed some time to be sure what I wanted to do next but even when I tried to venture into secular music it was a struggle so I had to find my way back just like the prodigal son.”

He also noted that his record label Blur Pictures Entertainment is open to signing secular musicians. “We, in church, have this mentality about secular music. For me, as long as you are not promoting violence, drugs, and gangsters, and all of that I don’t see anything wrong with that. Asa is making hits upon hits; John Drill is making hits upon hits so tell me as a businessman is there anything wrong in signing such a talent that would represent not just my brand but Africa. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that because there’s no gospel hospital, there’s no gospel restaurant, there’s no gospel hotel so if you are talking about gospel or secular what are you preaching? My own definition is good music that will inspire people.”

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