Why many Nigerians hate me for who I am – James Brown

Nigerian Cross dresser, James Brown, revealed that many Nigerians don’t like him because of his personality and not because he is a cross dresser.

James made the disclosure in an interview with newsmen, he said, “About 80 per cent of Nigerians don’t like or appreciate me because of my personality. Even though I have never admitted to what they think of me, they still believe I am what they think of me (gay). I referenced Davido (in a social media post) because I have been in the (entertainment) industry for over two years and even before I became popular, I noticed that he had blocked me (on social media). I don’t know why he did that though. I had tried to bring it to his attention several times but he does not even talk about it. I once told a friend who is close to him and I believe the information was relayed to him. There was a time I spoke about it and the news went viral but he (Davido) didn’t say anything about it. He probably feels I’m one feminine guy trying to chase clout. However, I noticed that many of his fans in the USA and UK belong to the LGBT community. So, why is he discriminating against someone like me who stands up for the LGBT community?”

Responding to those who felt Davido might have blocked him for another reason that had nothing to do with his sexuality or being a cross dresser, Brown asked, “Why then would he block an outspoken and outstanding Instagram sensation that stands for LGBT? If I was a ‘normal’ comedian, I am sure he wouldn’t have blocked me. There are many comedians that dress like girls and he doesn’t block them.”

He also spoke about an American documentary he featured in, Brown said, “In the documentary by HBO, I represent Nigeria as a human rights activist. It was linked to the time I was arrested and paraded by the police for allegedly attending a ‘gay party’. They were impressed that I was bold enough to defend myself. The documentary focused on my life in general. I was able to help some young people who have issues with their genders. It was basically to encourage people to always be themselves.”

When asked whether he had a girlfriend, he said, “Why does that matter? For now, I am not ready to disclose my sexuality because I feel it is not necessary. The message I want to pass across is that people should be hard-working and believe in themselves. I love helping people and that is why I identify with the LGBT community. People with talents should be supported regardless of their sexuality.”