Eatrich Farms Ponzi scheme collapses as investors lose billions

Eatrich Farms, an agricultural investment company, has, seemingly collapsed.

Investors in Eatrich Farms, are up in arms. They allege that the company has failed to pay neither their invested capital nor their return on investment since June.

Eatrich Farms’ investors are calling for the heads of influencers who lured them to the scheme.

The influencers, on the other hand have dissociated themselves from the scheme while some employees of the company have also complained that they have not been paid.

“I was never an ambassador for the company and my stint there was very brief”, an influencer said.

“The company left many investors heart broken, the staffs who worked with the company too are not left out”, he added.

A notable influencer, Olufunmilola Bucknor, who was connected to the company in its early days, has aired her side of the story too.

“Let me first clarify that my brand influencing executed contract was with the media buying company for Eatrich Farms,” she said.

“I was approached by the Media Buyer of the company and after series of questions, I was assured that it was a legitimate business with track record of paying its promised ROIs.”

“This was a company that had adverts running on CNN and their billboards were everywhere. I was convinced about the prospects this had for people.”

“I want to encourage all affected persons to pursue the recovery of their investments in the company using all legal remedies available to them.”

“I have done influencing for brands in the past including even my own competitor and there were no issues at all. This one is really shocking to me.”

In another development, Police officers attached to Area F, Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, arrested and detained six old staff and investors of Eatrich Farms, a Nigerian agricultural firm, for physical assault, a charge levelled against them by Bisi Dazuza, the company’s Group Managing Director, for daring to demand their almost one billion naira arrears.

The detainees had protested at the Lagos office of the company from Thursday to Friday afternoon when police officers were invited to arrest them.

One of the 12 investors that protested at the office but escaped police arrest insisted said the company was falsely framing them up.

“We didn’t steal any money from her bag as she claimed,” the investor, who asked not to be named, said. “The damage on the car was very minimal but you can’t totally blame those who did that.”

“Apart from our own investment in the company as staff, some other huge investors we brought in are already threatening to jail us if their funds are not refunded, yet the company’s CEO and the accountant are nowhere to be found.”


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