Uber drivers are employees, Dutch court rules

Uber drivers are employees rather than independent contractors and are entitled to greater workers’ rights, a Dutch court ruled on Monday.

It was the latest court victory for unions fighting for the rights of workers in the gig economy after a similar decision in Britain in March.

The Amsterdam District Court sided with the Federation of Dutch Trade Unions, which had argued that Uber drivers are in fact employees of a taxi company and should be granted the same pay and benefits as other workers in the sector.

Uber said it will appeal against the decision.

The court found that drivers who transport passengers via the Uber app are covered by the collective labour agreement for taxi transportation.

Uber drivers are in some cases entitled to back pay, the court said.

The judges also ordered Uber to pay a fine of 50,000 euros ($58,940) for failing to implement the terms of the labour agreement for taxi drivers.