FAA Selects Palantir for Aircraft Certification Safety Monitoring Solution

Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYE:PLTR) today announced it has been contracted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide a data analytics tool that will help advance the agency’s modernization objectives for aviation safety.

Palantir Foundry will support the FAA’s aircraft certification and continued operational safety activities, including the ongoing monitoring of the 737 MAX fleet’s return to service. The one-year contract with two additional option years is valued at a maximum of $18.4 million.

Using Palantir Foundry will enable FAA aerospace engineers and analysts to more rapidly and efficiently monitor, analyze, visualize, and share aviation safety data used in their determination of whether an incident presents a past or future safety risk.

Palantir’s software expertise will help the FAA to sustain their global leadership in the advancement of aviation safety and foster greater agility in adapting to the dynamic environment.

“We are proud to be partnering with the Federal Aviation Administration to support their critical safety mission,” said Akash Jain, President of Palantir USG.

Foundry allows for the integration of siloed data, transforming the way both public and private organizations operate by creating a central operating system for their data.