5 Reasons to Use a Professional Resume Service in 2021

When crafting your resume for a new job application, many forums will claim to be able to help, but it is hard to find fully reliable resources. Nowadays, yourbest bet is to use a professional resume service.Read ahead for 5 reasons why!

1. Benefit From Experts

Professional resume services employ experts with significant experience in resume writing. These experts will not only make your resume look the part using industry-standard formatting practices, but they will also craft your resume to catch the attention of prospective employers.

Resume writers leverage the most up-to-date best practices of resume development, including but not limited to:• Formatting basics• Choosing relevant skills and work experience• Optimizing language

Resume writers also offer key insights based uponever-changing hiring practices. In fact, resume writers often use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to ensure that resumes will pass automated applicant filtration measures used today by many enterprises and small businesses. 

Many of these writers have developed resumes for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of clients who have successfully gone on to land new jobs. So they definitely know what it takes to develop an effective resume that will make you stand out from the rest!

2. Receive an Individually-Catered Experience 

Professional resume services offer a fully individualized experience. Writers are typically assigned based on several factors related to your resume needs:

• Industry type (e.g. finance, education, healthcare, etc.)

• Experience level (e.g. entry level, executive level, etc.)

• Your requests (e.g. career coaching, meet in-person, etc.)

The resume development process is also highly interactive. Initially, you are asked to submit your latest resume (if you have one) and answer a few questions to guide your writer. Regardless of whether you employ a professional resume service to write you an entirely new resume or to update an existing one, you can always provide feedback or submit additional requests related to the in-progress version until you are 100% satisfied with the final result.

Professional resume services operate with the understanding that the best results come from an individualized approach – and that matching the expertise of their resume writers with the needs of their clients like you will allow them to achieve the greatest outcomes!

3. Get a Fresh Perspective

No one knows you better than you know yourself – but that does not mean you aren’t prone to blind spots! Getting a new perspective from writers at a professional resume service will allow you to catch small mistakes and, importantly, it will allow your resume to be viewed more objectively.

Perhaps you have a simple typo or case of mistaken grammar – it’s more likely that a new reader will catch this having never seen your resume before. 

Now think of a more complex scenario – perhaps you’ve included a prior work experience you areextremely passionate about but that is not entirely relevant to the job you’re applying to. This is where an expert resume writer can really come in handy. By looking at the resume from an independent viewpoint and having had no prior interaction with the content, they can more easily identify this issue and brainstorm an effective way to address it.

4. Save Time

Professional resume services save you a lot of timeand allow you to focus your energies elsewhere. Perhaps you still have a busy work schedule at your current job…perhaps you want to free up more time to prepare for the actual job interviews…or perhaps you simply want a few more minutes in the day to relax!

Outsourcing the resume development process can save you time both now and in the future. Just think – you’re not only saving time in the near-term by hiring someone to write your resume, but you’re also saving time in the long-term by hiring a professional to write you a great resume that can help you find a job quicker than you might otherwise.

Most professional resume services promise 1-2 week turnaround times, and some even offer 2-3 day turnaround.

5. Invest in Yourself!

An investment in a professional resume service is ultimately an investment in yourself. If you have the financial means to do so, this will be very worthwhile and will more than pay for itself.

Hiring a professional resume services can help you get upwards of 2-3x more interviews, which can make all the difference in your job application process.

Professional resume services typically cost somewhere in the $100-$200 range, which is pretty reasonable considering the expertise, individualized product and fast turnaround times (not to mention all the job opportunities that such an investment can open!).

At the end of the day, you want to put your best foot forward when applying for a new job, and hiring a professional resume service will allow you to do just that. So don’t wait any longer!