Twitter condemns India intimidation, will press for changes


Twitter Inc. called the visit by police to its Indian offices on Monday a form of intimidation in its first public comments on the matter.

The social network reiterated its commitment to India as a vital market, but signaled its growing concern about the government’s recent actions and potential threats to freedom of expression that may result.

The company also joined other international businesses and organizations in criticizing new IT rules and regulations that it said “inhibit free, open public conversation.”

Twitter will continue its dialog with the Indian government in hope for a collaborative approach while also advocating for change to the regulations.

The San Francisco-based company has disagreed with local government officials on a number of fronts, deeming some enforcement orders to be improper curbs on free speech.

Most recently, Twitter marked several posts by accounts associated with India’s ruling party as containing manipulated media — they purported to show a strategy document from the opposition party whose authenticity has been disputed — which prompted the police visit to its offices late Monday.

Twitter employees have been working from home since March 2020 and the vast majority of its global offices, including in India, have been shut ever since.