Reverse Image Search: A Quick Way to Find the Right Picture

If you want to find the right images from the web then you should simply rely on the online reverse image search tools. There are plenty of reverse image search tools on the internet but before we tell you about the best image search tools we would like you to know about the basics of this search technique.

The reverse image search technique is basically for finding images or finding results relevant to the images. In short to search by images instead of text is known as reverse image search. This search by image concept was first introduced by Google in the late 90s. Today this search technique has become much more advanced and has been developed by tons of websites and other search engines. In this article, we are going to help you with the best image search tools but before that, we would suggest you read the different uses of RIS!

  1. You can find similar images with the image search technique.
  2. With RIS you can easily help yourself in finding details about the objects on an image.
  3. You can find image plagiarism with this technique.
  4. You can find out the details of the origin of an image or the different platforms on which it is being used.
  5. You can create backlink opportunities for your website with the help of reverse image search.
  6. You can simply help yourself in uncovering fake accounts on social media with this search technique.

There are many more uses of image search but the most important thing is that you can use this technique to find the right images for your academic or website work. It is obvious that not all of us are designers or image creators and so finding an image manually can be nearly impossible. The reverse search tools can help you get royalty-free images relevant to your work. Now that you know the important uses of RIS we would suggest you read about the best image search tools!

Reverse image search for finding right images for your site!

There are at least a hundred different reverse image search tools and search engines listed on the internet. From the huge list, we have handpicked the most reliable sources for you. If you want to make an image search or a reverse search on any image then you have to ensure that you are using any of these tools!

  • Reverse photo lookup by Duplichecker

The reverse image search by Duplichecker is one of the best search tools you’ll find on the web for an image search. The search by image tool is quite straightforward and has no limitations in its use. You just have to open the website on your device and open the reverse photo search tool. The tool would be listed on the top of the website and so you can navigate it. After opening the tool you have to follow the simple steps:

  1. Drag and drop image.
  2. You can also make a search by keywords or URL.
  3. Once you have entered your input data all you need is to click on the button that says ‘search similar images.
  4. The tool would analyze your input and consult its database for relevant results.

You would get results in less than five seconds!


This is a new but very comprehensive and reliable website that is used for image searching. You can use this image search platform for free without any restrictions if you register your account with it. This image search platform allows you to hunt results based on the image itself or its URL. It is considered to be the best platform for finding image plagiarism or similar image content. This is an open-source website tool so you can utilize it on any device you want without any limitations. This website has integrations with multiple search engines including Google and so the results produced by it are quite accurate and extensive!

  • Tin eye

The tin eye is the very first website cum search engine which adapted the idea of image searching. Today it is among the largest platforms for making an image search. If you want to find similar images, relevant image information, the origin of the image, or image copyrights then this is the perfect platform for you. You can use the tin eye for free for not only image searching but also for:

  • Advanced image identification
  • Label matching
  • Image tracking
  • Image verification
  • Mobile image recognition
  • Color searching

For more details about the use of tin eye, we would suggest you try it yourself! Finding images and using them in your personal space has become easier since the launch of these reverse image search tools!

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